Friday, May 3, 2013

Feeling Thrifty

I think it's only appropriate to end with this. 
This is my "I'm ready for my close up" expression. Oh, you know, just channeling my inner diva.

I was feeling a bit thrifty today. All my clothing items are thrifted. Once you visit my blog more and more, you will see my obsession with polka dots. But in my defense, the print is more like various shaped bubbles rather than polka dots. Just saying. But anyways, it's been so freakishly hot lately here in Southern California so I had to bust out my high-waisted shorts even if they were a bit tight (calm down, belly). Hope you all had a good Friday!

Blouse // Thrifted
Belt // Thrifted 
High-waisted Shorts // Thrifted
Satchel // Target