Saturday, May 4, 2013

Four Thrifted Items

So, for my first thrift find I found this exquisite vintage floral denim jacket. There are so many ways to style this but I chose to pair it with some blush pink lace shorts. My eyes almost popped out of my sockets when I saw this jacket hanging on the rack. Guys, it was a really beautiful moment for me.

My second find, which is probably my favorite, is this purple striped and polka dot sweater. You really don't understand how much I loved this sweater when I first saw it. I just grabbed it and started laughing at how ridiculously rad it was. I mean, what gets better than 3D thread balls literally coming out of your sweater?! Cause I can't really think of anything. You can't go wrong with zigzag stripes (Charlie Brown, anyone?) and thread ball polka dots.
I also managed to pick up this brown daisy skort. Yes, skort my friends. I haven't worn a skort since elementary school but I love it! When it's windy I don't have to worry about my skirt blowing up or anything because there are shorts underneath. It's like business in the front, party in the back. Ha, perfect! But anyways, the floral print is very dainty and cute so I thought it'd be fun to wear on casual days.
Finally, this floral maxi skirt is the last piece of my mini thrift haul. I've always had trouble thrifting maxi skirts from thrift stores and even though this skirt falls a little short on me, I loved the print so much I didn't care. This is the perfect spring/summer maxi and I love the little pleats it has throughout the skirt.

Outfit 1
Denim Floral Jacket // Thrifted 
Lace Tank // Gap Outlet
Lace Shorts // Forever 21
Necklace // Target
Bag // Thrifted (Coach)
Shoes // J.Crew

Outfit 2
Sweater // Thrifted 
High-Waisted Shorts // Thrifted
Sperrys // J.Crew

Outfit 3
Sweater // Forever 21
Skirt // Thrifted 
Belt // Thrifted
Necklace // Forever 21
Wedges // J.Crew

Outfit 4
Denim Jacket // Forever 21
Lace Top // Thrifted
Belt // Thrifted
Maxi Skirt // Thrifted
Bag // Thrifted (Coach)


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