Monday, June 10, 2013

East Coast Adventures

 Cheers to me turning 20 years old!
 Shake Shack Goodness.
 Dan's inner model. 
 Dan's favorite sculpture at the Met. Of course it's a cat. (P.S. I know this is a bad picture but this took me like 10 tries. Sad, right?)
 Chen Famiry!
The best sister ever.
Chen famiry represent!!
 Ain't she a beaut?
Always laughing with my CHEN FAMIRY~ Miss them so much already.
Over the course of a week, I got to visit my sister in New York, explore the city of New York on my own, and attend a cousin's wedding (and also my first wedding ever, mind you) in Boston! I had so much fun spending time with my sister, cousins, and family. It has been god knows when since all my 6 cousins have gathered together so it was definitely a fun mini family reunion. At the wedding, we couldn't stop yelling CHEN FAMIRY obnoxiously. (It's become a running inside joke). I love all my cousins so much and I'm so incredibly happy I got to see them and spend time with them. It was definitely a good break from good ol' Southern California. I've included just a few pictures from my trip. In these photos, there are pictures from the Highline Park, Shake Shack, Central Park, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, and the Harvard Faculty Club. Hope you enjoy! 

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