Friday, June 21, 2013

One Dress Two Ways

If you saw my East Coast Adventures blog post (here), then you should recognize this pink floral dress! I wore it to my cousin's wedding and didn't want it to be one of those fancy dresses that just stay in the closet collecting dust after it has been worn to the event. So, here are two ways I would incorporate this dress into my work (or daily) wardrobe!
For the first look, this is a fun way to give a dress an extra kick of uniqueness! It's sort of a "J.Crew" thing to do and I actually learned about this styling tip from my co-workers back in Malibu. I love how the dress looks more casual but still put together with a button-down shirt underneath. It's a one of a kind look and will definitely make you feel and look stylish! For my second look, this is a more classic look that I would wear to work. Might I add that I love, love, love blazers. It's starting to become an obsession. (Especially J.Crew blazersthey fit like a dream). The blush pink of the dress and the chambray blazer makes a lovely combination. I will bust out this dress on occasion and make sure it doesn't stay hidden away in my closet!

Dress // Loft Outlet
Shirt // Thrifted (Club Monaco brand)
Shoes // Marshall's (BCBG brand)

Dress // Loft Outlet
Blazer // J.Crew 
Necklace // Forever 21
Shoes // Marshall's (BCBG brand)

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