Thursday, July 11, 2013

Pastel Purple

I usually don't sport purple or lavendar colors, but I think these pair of pastel purple cropped jeans have gotten me to cross over to the fields of luscious lavendar and pretty purples. When I slipped into these jeans, I felt like it perfectly matched the summer months and was such a pretty shade of purple. I also love the super cropped cut for these pants. I think they come off very flattering and Audrey Hepburn-esque. I scored these lovely pants at the Camarillo Outlets for a very discounted price! There are a bajillion ways to style these pants but I just went very simple and paired a white peterpan collared sleeveless shirt with it. These pants would be great with a blazer, a crop top, polka dot prints (yay!), sweaters, and great for color blocking looks. I'm very excited to whip out these pants more and more!
( P.S.- Sorry about the limited & somewhat tilted photos. Time was limited! Forgive me :^) )

Top // H&M
Jeans // LOFT Outlet
Satchel // J.Crew {Similar}

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