Thursday, August 22, 2013

Zebra, Zebra, & Zebra

I've been looking at my wardrobe and realized I really need more simple pieces--comfy tees and simple printed shirts. I love just throwing a shirt on and still looking polished. I decided to get this fun zebra printed shirt from Forever 21. I'm a big sucker for animal prints on clothing items because I think it makes the outfit more unique and fun. I decided to dress up this zebra shirt in this look with my lovely polka dot skirt from Ann Taylor. (Scored this baby on a 50% off sale items day!) I instantly feel better about myself just slipping on this skirt and with the zebra printed shirt, it's the perfect touch! I'm definitely planning to wear this zebra shirt with skirts, some plain old jeans, and layered with cardigans during the fall! Also, on a side note, I decided to trim my hair a couple of inches! At the salon, the hair stylist curled my hair into these loose, effortless waves. I still have yet to master the skills to achieve this look, but until then, I will keep trying!

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