Wednesday, November 27, 2013

November Outfits

Camo Jeans // Gap
I've been loving these camo jeans I snagged from Gap. (On sale too, woot woot!) I have been wanting a pair of camo print jeans for a while and I finally found the perfect pair. They are comfortable and really work well with a lot of pieces in my wardrobe.
Dress (Similar) // H&M
This maroon dress has been my go to dress choice lately. I bought it probably over a year ago and still wear it religiously. I love how I can wear the dress multiple ways. When worn with a sweater over it, the dress transforms into a dreamy, flowing skirt. I also have the choice of pairing it with a blazer or cardigan, fully showcasing the dress. I've included the same dress (same fit) in the link above but it just comes in different colors and prints. If you aren't digging the prints, I know H&M constantly puts out this dress with new colors and prints every so often, so just wait until the perfect color comes out! : )
Camo Jacket (Similar) // Gap
Again, me with my camo. Hey, you can't blame me, it's basically a neutral print! This is an outfit I'd wear on a casual day such as to school or running errands. It gets pretty chilly in the morning so I love to just grab a jacket and go. If you have trouble pairing camo with items in your closet, just wear it with clothing items you would wear a green parka/jacket with. It will definitely create a pop in your outfit with the camo print! 
I had always thought ties were for men, but us chicks can rock it too! I experimented with wearing a tie and although it's a bold choice, I still love how it looks. It is feminine but has a little hint of masculine elements involved. A tie also looks great paired under a sweater as well! 
Cardigan (Similar) // Nordstrom
I recently bought this cardigan during a Nordstrom sale and I gotta say, it's not very practical but I just couldn't seem to part ways with it. The fuzzy stuff sheds literally everywhere but it's just so cute, I couldn't resist. I've been loving the fuzzy textured cardigans and sweaters this season. They make me feel so luxurious, and to be honest, who wouldn't want to feel luxurious and elegant? 
Cardigan // Target
My recent trip to Target was because of this cardigan. I had been eyeing this for a while but knew I should wait until it went on sale. This is actually a kid's/girl's cardigan but I got it in an XL size so it fits! It's really comfy and I love the print on it. Definitely worth the current sale price. I've come to realize the fact that some little kids clothing items fit better on me--and I'm embracing it!

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