Friday, June 27, 2014

Anaheim Packing District

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We paid a visit to the notorious Anaheim Packing District recently. It's been no surprise that it has been trending as a new hip spot in Orange County and I was curious to see all the new not-your-regular food places there. We went in the morning so it was less crowded (thank god) and overall, the place is extremely hip and has a nice, relaxing, artsy environment. We ate ramen for lunch there and grabbed some ice cream afterwards. There were definitely a lot more different places to try out as well. I'd say this place is great for meeting up with a friend to catch up over popsicles, coffee, or a nice meal. They are still doing construction to add more places so I will definitely be back to visit again! Here are just a few snaps of the amazing interior decor and things offered there but you'd have to actually be there to really take everything in! 

p.s. I just made a Twitter recently and I'm obsessed. It's a whole new world in Twitterland. You can check my account out linked down below! 

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Dress // Urban Outfitters (Similar)
Shoes // Nordstrom Rack
Necklaces // Forever 21 + H&M
Bag // Everlane



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  1. It's a very photogenic place. Also like the cross-coordination between you and the man! Nice denim/chambray action :)