Thursday, March 26, 2015

Jason Polan for Soludos

Espadrille // Soludos 

Since I am a shoe-addict, I thought it was only appropriate to start reviewing new shoes I purchase from different brands and stores because I can ramble on and on about a nice pair of shoes! 

These beauties were the most recent shoes to my shoe collection and I got to say, they are definitely making their way to my top favorite shoes of ALL TIME. (that's right, you read that right). Right when I saw these shoes I knew I needed to have them because the Jason Polan sketches on the espadrille make the shoe so unique. The doodles and the quirky batting eye was the perfect touch to a classic espadrille. I purchased these espadrilles from the Soludos website and I'm actually quite impressed with the quality of the shoe! It was comfortable right out of the box (which is rare for an espadrille shoe). The only concern I have is that they will get dirty since the shoe is a clean white color. However, there are many other Jason Polan style espadrilles on the website (here) if white shoes aren't your thing! Another awesome thing about these shoes is that I get to wear them a lot since I live in Southern California where it rarely rains and everyday is basically "espadrille shoe" season! So that's definitely another plus. All in all, I would definitely repurchase another pair of Soludos shoes (Hint: I've seen some discounted at Nordstrom Rack!) 

P.S. Ever since I got them, I always choose these pair of shoes with every outfit...I just can't help it!!